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"A Quiet Place Part II" Moved Up Three Months


As director/writer John Krasinski put it with this announcement, "We've waited long enough!". And seems Paramount Pictures agrees as it's been announced that A Quiet Place Part II will be having it's fifth release date change. However, it's not going to be moving back...but forward.

It's been confirmed that the film's most recent release date of September 17th will be shifted up to May 28th. This is after the film was progressively delayed from it's original release date of March 20th, 2020 to September of this year. This is most likely do to Paramount adopting the theatrical strategy that Warner Bros. has started using in relation to their streaming service HBO Max (Where they will simultaneously release their films on there and in available theaters).

However, unlike Warner Bros., who will have their films on HBO Max for the first 30 days of the film's theatrical window, Paramount will make their films available on their new streaming service Paramount+ 45 days AFTER the film's theatrical debut. Notably, A Quiet Place Part II will theatrically release at the start of the Memorial Day holiday weekend in the US, most likely to maximize any potential box office intake as theaters begin to open back up in major cities (New York and LA, in particular).

If projections are right, vaccine distribution will allow a return to some semblance of normal by the Fall (Whatever normal means nowadays anyway). For now, at least audiences get a little excitement to keep them going until then...just be quiet about it. Stay tuned!

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