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"A Quiet Place" Spin-Off Announced, Nichols to Direct


Audiences were suppose to get the sequel to 2018's A Quiet Place back in March, but the COVID-19 pandemic had other plans so, assuming theaters are open by then, they will get to see A Quiet Place Part II on April 23rd, 2021. But even still, Paramount Pictures is clearly expecting a hit as they have confirmed today that a third film is coming, though writer/director John Krasinski will simply be providing the idea for the new film. This time, Jeff Nichols will take over writing the script and directing.

The new film is expected to be a spin-off focused on new characters in the same post-apocalyptic world populated with aliens who hunt based off sound. It's been unconfirmed whether the family seen in the first film and the upcoming sequel will make an appearance.

Krasinski will also return to produce alongside Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller. Stay tuned!

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