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Alan Rickman's Journals to Be Published


Alan Rickman was an impacting actor before his tragic death in 2016. But more shocking, he didn't start acting until his 30's, yet by his early 40's he was already an established professional. And it's easy to see why given the range of movies he did from action like Die Hard to fantasy like the Harry Potter series. And to further emphasize the work he put into his craft, starting in the early 1990's he would start writing journals that covered everything from his craft to his thoughts on life to even reviewing plays he attended along with memories he had during productions of his films. He did this up until his death in 2016. He actually wrote these journals with the intent to publish them one day. Now, that is being done for him.

It's been reported that Rickman's journals are indeed set to be published as a book that will become available in the Fall of 2022. Courtesy of the publisher Canongate, it's been confirmed that he, while he wrote 27 volumes, it will be edited down into a single book. Editing will be handled by Alan Taylor, editor of the Scottish Review of Books. As a tease to the contents of the journals, Taylor himself has described them as “anecdotal, indiscreet, witty, gossipy and utterly candid.”

So, while we no longer have Rickman here, we get a chance to explore his ideologies that made him such a revered actor and a beloved public figure. Stay tuned!

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