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Amazon Prime: "Wheel of Time" Clip, "The Expanse" Season 6 Trailer


Amazon Prime has released promotional footage for two of their most highly-anticipated properties. Both premiered at the New York Comic Con earlier today.


The Wheel of Time (Clip)

A clip has been released today for the series adaptation of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time book series. It introduces audiences to the lead characters Moiraine (Played by Rosamund Pike) and Lan (Played by Daniel Henney) when they first come to the Two Rivers. In addition, Moiraine and Lan's new companions for the series, Egwene Al'Vere (Played by Madeleine Madden), Rand al'Thor (Played by Josha Stradowski), Perrin Aybara (Played by Marcus Rutherford), and Mat Cauthon (Played by Barney Harris) are introduced. Check the clip out below:

The Wheel of Time is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on November 19th.


The Expanse (Season 6 Teaser)

Also, a teaser for the sixth and final season of the hit science fiction series The Expanse, based on the series of novels of the same name by James S. A. Corey, has landed. The final season will only consist of six episodes (as opposed to the 10 to 13 episodes the previous five seasons contained). Check it out below:

Season 6 of The Expanse is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on December 10th.


Stay tuned!

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