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"America: The Motion Picture" Debuts Red Band Trailer & Clip


Quentin Tarantino can attest to the idea that sometimes, it's okay to bend history if it makes for entertaining cinema. Netflix's upcoming animated film America: The Motion Picture decided to take this idea...and inject it with steroids. A lot of steroids. In fact, as the red band trailer revealed today, the "true story" of America's founding will be a film that takes a balls-to-the-walls philosophy, not even allowing itself to be bound by one particular genre. Check it out below:

To further hammer in the story's concept, an official clip was released today titled "Opening Day" that gives a glimpse to the wild array of characters featured in the film including a zombified Ben Franklin, a busty Statue of Liberty, and a centaur inspired by the titular character of the 1987 hit RoboCop. That is, of course, on top of the lead character, a chainsaw-wielding George Washington...who is voiced by Channing Tatum. Both pieces of media have been released as the film becomes available on Netflix today (June 30th). Check it out below:

America: The Motion Picture is directed by Matt Thompson (in his feature directorial debut).

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