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"American Horror Story" & Spin-Off Get Estimated Premiere Windows


Confirmed first over at Deadline, FX chairman John Landgraf has revealed that, despite previous assumptions, the spin-off series American Horror Stories will actually premiere before season 10 of it's parent series, American Horror Story. The new spin-off is essentially an anthology series in which, as opposed to the main series season-long narratives, will have a new story every episode (a la Twilight Zone).

Despite initial reports that the main series would bow first this year, Landgraf confirmed today that the spin-off will premiere first on Hulu in July with season 10 of the main series than following it. While not an exact date was given for either show's premiere, he did say that Double Feature (the subtitle of season 10 of the main series) would end it's 10-episode run on Halloween. Stay tuned!

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