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"Andor" Set Photos Reveal New Costume


While everyone has been talking about the Obi-Wan-focused series that has just commenced filming, the Cassian Andor solo series (titled Andor) has been filming since November and is currently shooting in the UK. While not much has been revealed beyond it following the titular character before the events of the 2016 film Star Wars: Rogue One. While nothing is revealed about the plot, a series of set photos have been released that show actor Diego Luna in his new costume for the series. Check them out below:

The only other thing the photos reveal is that the “Shoretroopers”, who made their debut in the climax of Rogue One, will be returning. Filming on the episodes kicked off in November with

Tony Gilroy (who co-wrote Rogue One and did extensive reshoots for the film) will return as showrunner for Andor while Toby Haynes is directing the first three episodes. Stay tuned!

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