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Animated VR Film "Baba Yaga" Stacks Cast Ensemble


No, this is not a spin-off to the John Wick films. Fair warning as many, off the title alone, assumed the upcoming animated film Baba Yaga was somehow related to it. In actuality, it's a unique VR film planned for Oculus Quest later this year that will actually have it's world premiere at the Venice Film Festival beforehand. In the film, viewers will get to actually determine the ending of the story, similar to Netflix's film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch but more immersive. And now, the film has gone all out to stack it's voice cast with some impressive, Oscar-worthy talent who will, technically serve as you, the viewer's, supporting cast.

Today, it's been announced that Kate Winslet, Jennifer Hudson, and Glenn Close have joined the project which already had Daisy Ridley onboard. Winslet will voice the enigmatic witch Baba Yaga who uses her powers to stop villagers whose settlement encroaches on her enchanted Forest (Voiced by Hudson). The story will see viewers trying to save their mother, the Chief (Voiced by Close), who falls deathly ill, by entering that rainforest. With help from your (Or I guess, our) sister (Voiced by Ridley), you the viewer will uncover the mysteries of the forest and get the cure from Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga is written and directed by Eric Darnell. The film is produced by Baobab Studios while Hudson will executive produce.

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