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Announcement Trailer: "Lies of P"


Ever since the Dark Souls games happened, many developers have sought to emulate the experience, namely difficult gameplay and an immersive atmosphere of dread that challenges the players skill level. Such titles include the Nioh games and, more recently, Mortal Shells. Now, Lies of P can be added to that list, announced today with a special trailer that you can check out below:

Developed by Round8 Studio, the game is definitely keeping a lot hidden with the cinematic trailer mostly setting the scene, notably pointing out that the story is inspired by Pinocchio.

"Pinnochio" was set in Italy, though the trailer would make you think it will be set in Soviet Russia!

A report from IGN helps to add a little more detail, noting that the events that the announcement trailer show take place before the events of the game and that the unnamed narrator is not the protagonist. In addition, the report pointed out that the game will feature a unique "lie system" (where the Pinocchio inspiration comes into play, no doubt). This system will allow the main character's words to directly affect gameplay.

No official release date has been announced. Stay tuned!

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