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"Back 4 Blood" Debuts Official 'Characters & Zombies' Trailer


While Back 4 Blood feels like it could easily be a sequel to Turtle Rock Studios' earlier Left 4 Dead games, it's important to remember that Turtle Rock Studios split from Valve over a decade ago ( to re-establish itself as an independent studio) and Valve still owns the rights to that franchise. That's why, despite being largely similar, Back 4 Blood is only considered to be the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, but both are developed by the same creators and feature largely similar gameplay.

However, as a flip from the original games, this new game will see the main characters, a group of veterans called the "Cleaners", come together to fight off the zombie apocalypse instead of run from it. The playable characters will be Sonya (unknown last name), Jack Cutter, Mike (nickname "Mikey") Walker, Holly, Hoffman, and Evangelo. And today, a special trailer has been released to introduce gamers to these characters along with their undead enemies. Check it out below:

Back 4 Blood is set to be released on October 12th for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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