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Bautista Joins "Knives Out 2"


Netflix made some noise when they paid over $400 million for the rights to two Knives Out sequels that director/writer Rian Johnson and star Daniel Craig are set to work on. Johnson is moving already on that deal with production set to start this summer in Greece, Now, it's just been confirmed Dave Bautista will co-star in the first sequel in an undisclosed role. This is a reunion of sorts between Bautista and Craig as Bautista had a small, but effective role as Spectre assassin Mr. Hink in 2015's Spectre (Craig's fourth film as James Bond). Craig, of course, will return in the Knives Out sequels as his detective character Benoit Blanc.

Nothing is known about the plot except that Blanc will once again solve a murder with a large cast of suspects. Bautista is the first casting news, meaning his role will be quite prominent. Bautista already has a relationship with Netflix, starring in Zack Snyder's upcoming zombie film Army of the Dead (set to land in select theaters and on Netflix on May 21st). Hopefully, this will be a successful collaboration! Stay tuned!

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