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Bek Smoth to Pen Adaptation of Millar's "Reborn"


A couple years ago, Netflix signed comic book writer Mark Millar to adapt several of his popular titles into films and shows on their streaming service. Recently, Millar's The Old Guard was adapted where it acquired a huge viewership with a sequel now expected to occur. Now, Netflix is set to continue this streak by adapting the 2016 Millarworld comic book set-up Reborn and today, Bek Smith has been announced to write the script for a potential film adaptation.

Reborn follows an 80-year-old woman who dies in a hospital...then she wakes up as a much younger version of herself in a fantastical land of monsters and dragons where an endless war between good and evil wages on. While she is reunited with old friends and loved ones, her late husband is nowhere to be found so, with her late father and childhood dog, she sets out on a quest to find him.

Smith is already working on scripts for a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse spin-off and an adaptation of the Vertigo comic 100 Bullets. For Reborn, she will work alongside Chris McKay who is already on board to direct. Sandra Bullock and Roy Lee will produce. The film will be handled by both Netflix and Fortis Films. Stay tuned!

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