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Blomkamp's Cancelled "Alien 5" Releases More Concept Art


A few years ago, some concept art for Neil Blomkamp's proposed Alien 5 was released onto the internet which, for a time, actually caught the attention of 20th Century Fox and had him attached to direct Sigourney Weaver in a new film. The hope was to allow her character Ellen Ripley a better send-off then she got in Alien: Resurrection but, word is, Ridley Scott had the project shelved in favor of his prequel series that he was still working on at the time (which led to the underperforming 2017 film Alien: Covenant). Still, the artwork for Alien 5 fascinated fans who saw not only a returned Ripley, but Michael Biehn's Hicks returning from the dead (after infamously being killed off at the beginning of Alien 3).

Now, concept artist Geoffrey Thoorens, who was responsible for that first set of concept art, has released even more of that artwork (all of which he did in 2014 and 2015) to his website. Not only do they give new shots of an elder Ripley and Hicks leading a team of soldiers, but also a new android design. Check them out below:

Sadly, these are a further reminder of what could have been, one that Weaver herself was so impressed with she ended up starring in one of Blomkamp's short films following the film's cancellation. Who knows though? Other projects have seemingly come back from the brink to be made. It's probably impossible now that Disney has merged with Fox and begun plans for a new series for the franchise, but again, who knows? Stay tuned!

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