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Blumhouse's "Freaky" Debuts Official Trailer


While writer/director Christopher Landon made his mark with the Happy Death Day films, it appears a third film is not currently on the horizon has hoped for. However, Landon has re-teamed with Blumhouse for another horror comedy that, like Happy Death Day, is a hybrid play off other classic films/genres. As Happy Death Day was a horror take on Groundhog Day, Freaky appears to be a play off Freaky Friday meets Friday the 13th.

The story follows Millie (Played by Kathryn Newton), a teenage girl who is attacked by the infamous killer The Butcher (Played by Vince Vaughn) who wields a mystical dagger. However, she ends up dealing with a fate much worse than death...she finds herself having swapped bodies with the killer, her mind now in the body of a middle-aged maniac. Now she has just 24 hours to switch back before it becomes permanent, all while facing a city-wide manhunt for the psychopath whose body she now inhabits. Meanwhile The Butcher, in her body, plans to bring his carnage to her school’s homecoming.

Landon co-wrote the script with Michael Kennedy while Jason Blum is producing. It has been given a theatrical release of November 13th (Yes, this is a Friday) and today the official trailer has been released. Check it out below:

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