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Box Office: "Unhinged" Takes in $4 Million


Somehow, it's a nice return to normal to mention weekend box office results, even if it's essentially for one film. Over the weekend, the Russell Crowe-led road rage thriller Unhinged, touted as the first movie to open nationwide since the COVID-19 pandemic hit early this year in March, managed to open to a domestic debut of $4 million in the United States over the weekend with an $8 million overseas.

The film played in roughly 1,823 theaters and will expand to more than 2,300 next weekend as more theaters reopen. Despite cinemas remaining closed in several key states like California and New York, even rival Hollywood studios executives reportedly are pleased by the results of the film. In a lot of ways, it's a test run for other movies studios might dare put into theaters during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film is expected to ultimately make $30 million domestically. Stay tuned!

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