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Brandon Cronenberg to Direct "Super-Cannes" Limited Series


Brandon Cronenberg sure is his father's son. His recent acclaimed film Possessors was clearly influenced by David Cronenberg's Scanners. And now, the young filmmaker sets his sights on a limited series adapted from a novel by JG Ballard, the same author who wrote Crash...yes the very novel that his father adapted into a movie in 1996.

It's been confirmed today that Brandon Cronenberg will write and direct Super-Cannes. No, not the film festival, but the resort town on the French Riviera where it takes place. And in this location, Cronenberg is set to tell the story of a group of global elite that create an uber-capitalist, high-tech exclusive society in Cannes. Here they dabble in all forms of crime, sexual perversion, madness, and manipulation. Cronenberg had this to say about the novel and his thoughts on adapting it:

Super-Cannes was an incredibly prescient novel that is more relevant now than ever — a heady blend of cutting politics and deviant psychology, built around a deeply satisfying detective story. I’m thrilled to get the opportunity to adapt it, and to be working on the series with Anti-Worlds and Ringside.”

No release date has been announced yet. Stay tuned!

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