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"Bring It On" Horror Spin-Off in the Works


You can't make this stuff up. The popular cheerleading film series Bring It On is getting a horror-themed spin-off on the Syfy channel. The original film came out in 2000, starring Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union as the rival leads of two competing cheerleading groups who take their rivalry all the way to Nationals. Five direct-to-video sequels were produced before this upcoming spin-off that will be titled Bring It On: Halloween. Rebekah McKendry and Dana Schwartz individually announced on their Twitter pages that they have written the script. Schwartz tweeted the following:

"DID SOMEBODY SAY BRING IT ON SEQUEL???? I actually had the time of my life co-writing this cheerleader horror movie with the brilliant @RebekahMcKendry. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN."

McKendry separated tweeted the following:

"I'm thrilled [to] announce I had the honor of co-writing the upcoming BRING IT ON:HALLOWEEN along with the amazing @DanaSchwartzzz. Cheerleaders and horror! Ready, ok!"

The film also received a light teaser of the plot with the following synopsis:

Held down by restrictive rules, an embattled cheerleading squad seeks the freedom of a creepy, closed school gym to practice for regionals, but when members of the squad start to disappear, the cheerleaders must unmask their assailant to save themselves.

The film is being made in a partnership with Universal 1440 Entertainment. No cast or director has been announced yet. Stay tuned!

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