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BTS: Simon Pegg Discusses "Hogwarts Legacy" Character, Headmaster Black


While it was once considered a fringe career choice for Hollywood actors to participate in video games, it's now a pretty regular thing. In the newer God of War games, Kratos is played by Christopher Judge, known for live-action roles like Stargate SG-1. Keanu Reeves makes headlines for playing a supporting character in Cyberpunk 2077. Beyond: Two Souls was headlined by Elliot Page, formerly Ellen Page.

Point is, that seemingly unorthodox form of art has risen as games have increased in cinema-worthy storytelling, crisp graphics that make the experience more immersive, and essentially the drive now seems to be having audiences feel like they are playing a movie anyway. So it's not shocking that clear nerd Simon Pegg is set to appear in the highly-anticipated game Hogwarts Legacy, a game set to allow gamers explore the vastness of the titular school along with various other famous locations from the Wizarding World franchise. In addition, the environments are set to change with the seasons, thus providing a more realistic setting. Though Pegg is obviously in it for his character.

Set in the 1890's, Pegg is set to play the wizarding school's then-principal, Headmaster Black. Today, the game has released a special BTS trailer that sees Pegg discuss his character. Check it out below:

Hogwarts Legacy will first premiere on PS5, Windows, and Xbox X/S next month, February 10th. The game will then be released for previous-generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One on April 4th before finally making it's way onto the Nintendo Switch on July 25th. Stay tuned!

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