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Cage & Travolta Could Return for "Face/Off" Sequel


For those who saw John Woo's original 1997 action flick Face/Off, you wonder how this particular piece of news is possible. Following the announcement last month came the news that Adam Wingard (Godzilla vs. Kong, The Guest) would direct a project related to the Face/Off, Wingard has checked in to confirm the progress of the first draft he's writing for Paramount Pictures along with some interesting tidbits of the story. In this new interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet (via Screen Rant), he had this to say on the progress of the draft itself:

“We’re still writing the script so it’s still in early phases. Simon and I are very close to turning in our draft to Paramount soon. We’ll have to get over those hurdles of do they like this movie? They’ve read our outline. Everybody’s on board with it but actually turning in the script’s a different thing so we’ll see how everybody reacts to it.”

Perhaps more interesting, he said that he's spoken to the stars of the original film (John Travolta and Nicolas Cage) who, as it turns out, are interested in returning for the sequel based on the script itself:

“Some people just assume when I say that that it just means it takes place in the world of Face/Off. To me, Face/Off isn’t about a procedure or anything like that. It’s not about the world that the characters exist in. It’s about Sean Archer and it’s about Castor Troy. That’s what this movie is about. It’s the continuation of that story. It’s hard to talk about other than that but this is, to me, the definitive continuation of that saga.”

In the original, Travolta played an FBI agent up against a terrorist (Played by Nicolas Cage) who end up surgically swapping faces, ultimately leading to a face-off where they try to outsmart each other while living each other's lives. Although, if you've seen the original and are reading this news, you're probably asking yourself...

You'll have to wait to find out. The only other thing known is that Neal H. Mortiz is producing while Wingard is co-writing the script with Simon Barrett. Wingard and Barrett are frequent co-writers and collaborators, having worked on The Guest, Blair Witch, and You’re Next together. Stay tuned!

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