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CBS Announces "The Multi-Vorce"


Imagine an animated comedy that is a mix between the the Netflix drama Marriage Story and the adult animated science fiction series Rick and Morty. That is what the new animated comedy TVV series The Multivorce was being pitched as before it was sold tom CBS All Access. And now, that wild concept is in development with the streaming service.

The plot deals the Gundersons. While appearing as a seemingly normal American family going through a divorce, with three kids caught in the middle, in reality that kids are not just torn between parents...but realities. They are forced to spend half their weekends at their father’s terrible bachelor apartment across town...and the other half with their warrior queen mother in her very exciting (and often very dangerous) kingdom somewhere in the Multivorce.

The was created by Kirker Butler who will executive produce the series alongside Scott Mosier, Aaron Kaplan, and Dana Honor. Butler and Mosier will represent Kapital Entertainment and CBS TV Studios. Stay tuned!

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