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"Cobra Kai" Season 3 Was Finished Before Pandemic


Turns out, season 2 of The Mandalorian wasn't the only series to finish before quarantine and fans will be happy for it. After ending on a wild cliffhanger in its season 2, it's been confirmed by co-creator Josh Heald that post-production for the upcoming third season of Cobra Kai was completed just before the pandemic hit Hollywood and caused production shutdowns. He confirms this while speaking to Comic Book Resources with this to say:

“Thankfully with Season 3, we wrapped production before the end of 2019 and we wrapped post-production…I think there was a little bit of overlap. We were still doing some finishing touches for the effects and some quality checks on Season 3 while the quarantine aspect of the pandemic was just beginning but we finished our final mix – the last big piece of post-production – that was done in-person with raising champagne and eating cupcakes and all the things you do to feel like you’re at your absolute unhealthiest coming out of the completion of a season. [Laughs] So there were no major delays in terms of COVID.”

The show will be moving to Netflix after the streaming service officially acquired the first two, critically acclaimed seasons from YouTube. While on YouTube, the first season managed to bring in 50 million views within five months of airing with season two faring equally well. The first two seasons of Cobra Kai will be available on Netflix August 28th. No official premiere date has been given for the show's third seaosn.

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