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Comer Reteams with Ridley Scott for "Kitbag"


It seems Jodie Comer quite enjoyed working with Ridley Scott and the feeling was mutual as Comer is already set to be reteam with him just as their new film The Last Duel is set to make it's world premiere at the Venice Film Festival next week. This was confirmed in an interview with Variety where she said the film, titled Kitbag, will begin production "closer to the new year" after she has finished production on the fourth and final season of Killing Eve. She will play opposite to Joaquin Phoenix who was announced for the film earlier this year. The film will focus on Phoenix’s Napoleon Bonaparte in an historical drama about the military leader and emperor along with his volatile marriage to Josephine, who will be played by Comer. In deciding to rework with Scott, she had this to say:

“I just jumped at the chance to work with Ridley and his team again and the idea of working with Joaquin, who’s someone who I hugely admire. I think for me, what I’m learning is […] you learn and you grow so much by being and working with the people that you’re working alongside...And I just think having that opportunity — I’m so excited to delve into that world.”

Kitbag has a script written by David Scarpa. Stay tuned!

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