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Concept Art: Penguin in "The Batman"


In The Batman, Colin Farrell received critical acclaim for his transformative take on the Penguin. He was so unrecognizable that co-stars didn't even realize it was the often charming Irish actor underneath all the prosthetic and the gangster-like accent. Now, in the book The Art of the Batman, some of the original concept art for the character is revealed, depicting a VERY different version, essentially presenting the Penguin as a suave and intimidating gangster. Designed by Adam Brockbank, you can very much tell that there was talk of using Farrell's looks to the character's advantage (presumably to become disfigured later). Check the artwork out below:

The Batman is still currently in theaters, standing at an impressive $750 million at the box office. Perhaps we will see this variation as the Penguin takes more of a central part in the sequel. Stay tuned!

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26 avr. 2022

probably would have been better than that masked covered Riddler who keeps yelling like a maniac

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