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Dalton Voted Best Bond in New Survey


Timothy Dalton sort of fell into the role of James Bond. Originally, Pierce Brosnan, who would don the tuxedo after Dalton, was actually set to play him for The Living Daylights (1987), but Brosnan's show Remington Steele was renewed at the last minute in hope to profit off Brosnan's new 007 status. When that commitment took over his scheduling, Dalton stepped in and wanted to present Bond in a more dramatic sense. One that showed him as a reluctant killer who nonetheless loved the thrill of his job. Dalton only did two movies with his second entry License to Kill (1989) often getting criticism for trying to be darker and be set in America to profit off the recent success of 1988's Die Hard.

While Dalton ultimately wouldn't take on the role again, his two films have stood at an interesting time in the long-running franchise, particularly being the final Bond whose films were set in the Cold War (often a driving factor of Bond's missions). Over the years, Dalton has never gotten the credit he deserves for trying to dramatize Bond more, something Daniel Craig now gets heavy praise for. As it turns out, Dalton was not only ahead of his time, but the audience loves him!

In a new survey conducted by Casumo , and utilizing date from IMDB, it has been revealed that Dalton is the most popular Bond performer with audiences. Utilizing data from IMDb. The official ranking is as follows:

  1. Timothy Dalton (7.3 /10)

  2. Daniel Craig (7.2/10)

  3. Sean Connery (6.9/10)

  4. Pierce Brosnan (6.6/10)

  5. Roger Moore (6.6/10)

  6. George Lazenby (6.1/10)

Without a doubt, it's a shocking thing to understand given Craig's films have been the most successful at the box office (with the last two films breaking or nearing $1 billion) while Connery and Moore played the character at least half a dozen times each because of their popularity in the role. It helps that Dalton only did two Bond films so there is less installments to judge him on, but given Dalton holds that score with just two films being well-received, that's also somewhat impressive. In the end, Dalton's unique era and presentation has apparently won the day. Stay tuned!

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Nah.. Dalton and Lazenby were easily the worst. Cannery and Moore were the best. Craig 3rd place.

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