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DC FanDome: "Black Atom" Releases Animatic Teaser & Concept Art


While a lot of newer DCEU projects are in development, for Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam is unfinished business. A project Johnson confirms has been in development for over ten years and yet here it is, finally going into production soon. At DC FanDome today he described that he’s a big fan of the fact the rules don’t apply to him in the same way they do the other DC heroes:

“What I love is that he’s an anti-hero. He has his own sense of Black Adam justice… This idea that you can take all of Black Adam’s powers and he does not practice restraint.. that makes for a really powerful combination. One that is explosive, dangerous, and really likable… in my opinion.”

Also at the panel, a teaser and an animatic going into his backstory was released. Check it out below:

In addition, several pieces of concept art was released featuring art of Black Adam along several Justice Society of America characters that will be featured in the film including Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Cyclone along side Atom Smasher which actor Noah Centineo has confirmed he will be playing in the film. Check the art out below:

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