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DC FanDome: "Suicide Squad" Game Teaser Released


Warner Bros, will be going their own way with a new Batman game NOT set in the Arkham continuity that Rocksteady established with their games (See the teaser for Gotham Knights here). And while Rocksteady seems done with the Batman: Arkham games (For now, anyway), they are still making another game set in the same continuity. A game that's been rumored to be in development for years now over at the UK-based video game developer. A game focused on the popular anti-hero team Suicide Squad. And the team will have their hands full as tney not only deal with a Metropolis under siege from Brainiac but they will have to take down their greatest target yet...Superman. Check out the trailer below:

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be a 1-4 player co-op and, in single player mode, players will have bots/AI on their squad and they will be able to switch between members at any time. Stay tuned!

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