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DC's "Peacemaker" Gets Poster...& a Hotline


Gearing up for the release of the official teaser next week at DC FanDome, an official poster for the John Cena-starring limited series Peacemaker has been put up on the official HBO Max Twitter profile. Check it out below:

Separately, as part of promotion for New York Comic-Con (which is ending today), a unique hotline number has been tweeted on Peacemaker's official Twitter page. If dialed, after a brief hold, callers will hear some audio from a Task Force X meeting that Peacemaker is late for. This audio was previously heard in the official clip released last week. However, the change in media creates a more immersive experience for fans as if they are right there in the room. The number to hear the audio is in the Twitter post below;

Peacemaker will have eight episodes and premiere on HBO Max in January 2022.

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