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"Dead Pigs" Debuts Official Trailer


While most people known director Cathy Yan for directing the 2020 big-budget Birds of Prey, for some odd reason her directorial debut Dead Pigs, which first premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, is only just about to get released this weekend on the streaming service Mubi (February 12th). Why that is is uncertain given the dramedy was highly well-received when it first premiered, it is finally getting released, conveying a wild story about bumbling pig farmer, a feisty salon owner, a sensitive busboy, an expat architect and a disenchanted rich girl as they converge and collide. All the while, thousands of dead pigs float down the river towards a rapidly-modernizing Shanghai.

Today, the official trailer has been released. Check it out below:

Dead Pigs stars Vivian Wu, Haoyu Yang, Mason Lee, Meng Li, and David Rysdahl. Stay tuned!

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1 Comment

Feb 10, 2021

Did they really just compare this diversity hire to Robert fucking Altman? HOLEE SHIT

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