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Debicki to Star in "Code Name Helene" Miniseries


Elizabeth Debicki has carved an interesting niche for herself in the industry as she seems to take a shine to roles that are in the middle of espionage. Whether it's The Man from UNCLE, The Night Manager, or Tenet, her classic looks, steely glare, and alluring demeanor affords her a sense of mystique that works well for her. And now, she's putting it to good use, this time as the star of the spy tale in the international limited series Code Name Helene, based on the World War II spy thriller novel, written by author Ariel Lawhon.

Based on the true story of Nancy Grace Augusta Wake, this spy epic will follow the New Zealand-born and Australian-raised journalist who became a ferociously brave spy and one of the most powerful leaders of the French Resistance. The series will feature a unique narrative design that will interweave the different periods where Nancy used one of her four code names during World War II. In addition to starring, Debicki will executive produce the series which hails from Vendome Group and Anonymous Content who, between them, have produced the acclaimed series True Detectives and the Oscar-winning film The Revenant. Stay tuned!

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