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"Dexter" Revival Debuts New Teaser


Everything about the upcoming revival of Dexter seems determined to erase the memory of the controversial series finale from everyone's minds. Bringing back Clyde Phillips (who ran the show from seasons 2-4) as showrunner was the first indication as many felt the series fell off in quality after he left. And now, the new teaser looks to erase the horrific image of lumberjack Dexter from everyone's minds with a now clean cut Michael C. Hall who is living in a small town under the name Jim Lindsay which pays homage to the novelist, Jeff Lindsay, that wrote the series of Dexter novels that the show is based off of. And judging by Dexter's haunting stare, he's as anxious to get back to work as you are to see it. Check out the teaser below:

The revival of Dexter is set to premiere this Fall on Showtime.

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