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"Dexter" Revival Ordered at Showtime


The series finale of Dexter was...not great. Who else felt that way?

Well, then you're in luck as Showtime has ordered a limited series revival with star Michael C. Hall set to return along with the show's original showrunner Clyde Phillips who was in charge of the more "approved" seasons by fans. Basically seasons one through four. The revival will consist of ten episodes with production set to begin early next year. It's shooting for a Fall 2021 debut.

With any luck, the finale that saw Dexter fake his death and live as a lumberjack with a false name in Oregon will be a distant...very distant memory. Stay tuned!

Dexter: "Thank God. I can't stare at this wall anymore. I'm seeing spots...and they don't even look like blood!"

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Oct 16, 2020

Somewhere on this planet in a dark little corner mink is happy right now.

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