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"Dying Light 2" Release Date Leaked


A lot of gamers were wondering when the sequel to Dying Light was going to happen. While it's been teased in development for years, the development team actually created released a teaser earlier this year that showed pieces of footage along with many crew members assuring fans they are taking their time to give the best product they can. But now, thanks to leaked ads appearing on various websites including Twitch, it's now been confirmed Dying Light 2 is in fact set to be released in December 7th.

This leak comes ahead of the game getting a big livestream presentation later today. The leaks also confirmed it will be cross-generational in it's console release, set to be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC. Little is known about the game's story except it's set to be four times bigger than the first game (which also lends to why the sequel was in development for so long). So for fans of the Dying Light franchise who have dreamed of this's finally here. Stay tuned!

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