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Eastwood to Direct/Star in "Cry Macho"


Clint Eastwood is 90 years old. 90! And yet he's already scouting locations for his next directorial effort Cry Macho, based on the 1975 book of the same name by N. Richard Nash. And not only is he directing, he's taking the lead on-screen as well!

Cry Macho focuses on a one-time rodeo star and washed up horse breeder (Played by Eastwood). However, in 1978, he takes a job from an ex-boss to bring the man’s young son home, away from his alcoholic mom. The unlikely pair will face an unexpected and challenging journey across Mexico on their way to Texas and, in the process, the old man may just redeem himself by making sure the boy doesn't go down a dark path.

Eastwood, Al Ruddy, Tim Moore, and Jessica Meier are producing while Nash himself adapted his own book alongside Nick Schneck. The film is set up at Warner Bros. Pictures who have released Eastwood's films for decades. Stay tuned!

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03 de out. de 2020

Meanwhile millennials can't even fix a bowl of cereal without their moms help

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