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"Elder Scrolls Online": Story Trailer for 'Blackwood' Expansion


Some love World of Warcraft, some prefer Final Fantasy XIV Online, but today is a day for rejoice for The Elder Scrolls Online whose newest expansion "Blackwood" is set to be released in less than a month (June 1st for PC and Stadia, June 8th for consoles). For today, a full story trailer has been released, confirming what players have to look forward to and diving into the the history of the four Ambitions which are powerful weapons created by a long dead emperor with the help of Mehrunes Dagon's unholy power. The players' quest in this new expansion will be to recover the Ambitions before sinister forces claim the power of Oblivion for themselves. The expansion will serve as the official beginning of the "Gates of Oblivion" storyline, which sees fans contending with the malicious Daedric forces of Mehrunes Dagon.

This follows a teaser released last week that teased the introduction of NPC companions (a key feature from the fifth installment Skyrim and, to a lesser extent, Oblivion). The developer has also promised that the loadout and fighting style of each companion will be fully customizable by the player. The new trailer also reminds players that if they pre-purchase the expansion, they will receive in-game rewards, including an intimidating mount and a set of Dremora armor.

Check out the official story trailer for 'Blackwood' below:

Stay tuned!

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