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"Elder Scrolls Online" Teases Companions for 'Blackwood' DLC


For the upcoming "Blackwood" DLC (which serves as part of the "Gates of Oblivion" adventure), RPG Elder Scrolls Online will be introducing the feature of players being allowed NPC companions that will assist them in completing quests. It's a feature previously utilized in the main series entry Skyrim. A new trailer has been released today, showing the player's character interacting with the two NPCs who will be available when "Blackwood" releases (and are featured in the title image for this article. Those two NPC's are Bastion (an Imperial knight who fights with a fire staff) and Mirri Elendis (a dark elf who is a thief and wields a sword). Check it out below:

Additional content will be available upon release, but players will probably be glad to have some backup in their dangerous adventures across the land of Tamriel. Stay tuned!

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