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Ethan Hawke to Play Villain in Marvel's "Moon Knight" Series


Just as a reminder, this is what Ethan Hawke said about superhero movies in 2018 after Logan gained critical praise and was nominated for an Oscar:

“Now we have the problem that they tell us Logan is a great movie. Well, it’s a great superhero movie. It still involves people in tights with metal coming out of their hands. It’s not Bresson. It’s not Bergman. But they talk about it like it is. I went to see Logan ‘cause everyone was like, ‘This is a great movie’ and I was like, ‘Really? No, this is a fine superhero movie.’ There’s a difference, but big business doesn’t think there’s a difference. Big business wants you to think that this is a great film because they wanna make money off of it.”

While Hawke later clarified he liked movies like Logan, what he was enforcing the industry doing more than just general audience-pleasing blockbusters. Perhaps he foresaw what would happen as Hawke himself has been cast as the villain in the upcoming Moon Knight series on Disney+. He follows the previous casting announcement of Oscar Isaac playing the titular hero. May Calamawy has also been set to star in the series. No other information has been given for what character from the comics that Hawke will play, but assuming Hawke's principles still stand, hopefully the noted contrarian filmmaker/actor being involved means the project is very unique among Marvel's stacked slate of films and TV shows that are in production.

Some episodes of Moon Knight have been confirmed to be directed by Mohamed Diab while the filmmaking duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (The Endless, Synchronic) have also been confirmed to helm. Stay tuned!

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