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"Every Note Played" Cast Jolie & Waltz


Based on author Lisa Genova’s 2018 romance novel, Every Note Played is in the works over at STX Films and Southpaw Entertainment. And today, it's been confirmed that Angelina Jolie and Christoph Waltz will lead the film

The story follows an accomplished, but divorced concert pianist named Richard (Played by Waltz) who starts the story off with nothing and is about to loss the one thing he has left...his talent. Diagnosed with ALS in his hands and unable to live alone anymore, his ex-wife Karina (Played by Jolie) reluctantly steps in to be his caregiver.

No production start date has been announced, but it's been confirmed that Richard Barton Lewis, Gabrielle Jerou-Tabak, and Monet Clayton will serve as producers.

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