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"Everyday Parening Tips" Announced with Reynolds, Lord, Miller, & King


Imagine being a father and you have a kid who believes a monster is under their bed. A common parenting responsibility, yes? To help your child be less afraid. But now imagine...that monster is actually real. Take it further than that...imagine that you give advice to your child on how to handle that monster...during a Great Monster Uprising that has seen the creatures descend onto our plain of existence and their presence has become an unavoidable aspect of our daily lives. This idea is what is at the center of Simon Rich’s monster-themed satirical New Yorker short story Everyday Parenting Tips. And now, Universal Pictures is bringing this wild story to the big screen with a wild combination of talent.

It's been confirmed today that Ryan Reynolds is attached to star in an adaptation of the short story along with Paul King as director. King recently directed the two wildly acclaimed Paddington films. In addition, Rich himself will adapt his short story into script form. This is not his first or even most recent foray into visual media as he recently penned Seth Rogen's HBO Max film An American Pickle (Out on the streaming service tomorrow, August 6th) and was the creator of the TBS show Miracle Workers which is set to begin filming it's third season.

Rich will also be producing alongside Reynolds, George Dewey, Aditya Sood, and, probably most notably, the writing/directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Who recently produced Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse). Stay tuned!

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