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"Evil Dead Rise" Coming to HBO Max


The last time Evil Dead didn't feature franchise hero Ash Campbell, we got the solid 2013 reboot Evil Dead. With Bruce Campbell having retired the character following him starring as Ash in the three-season Starz show Ash vs Evil Dead (though he will voice the character in a new video game), the upcoming Evil Dead Rise will feature two new heroines, starring Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan. They will star as estranged sisters who must survive against a new horde of Deadites. Unlike the 2013 film, Evil Dead Rise will be a follow-up to the original trilogy of films that starred Campbell. And now, fans will have an easier time seeing it as the film will find it's way to streaming instead of the theater.

It's been announced today that Evil Dead Rise will be released directly on HBO Max in the U.S. while it will get released overseas on Canal Plus in the U.K. and Metropolitan in France. The film has yet to begin production, but will be shot on-location in New Zealand and is being produced by New Line Cinema who have handled the franchise thus far. And while Sam Raimi is only returning in an executive producer capacity (alongside Campbell and Robert Tapert), he also hand-picked his replacement, Lee Cronin. Cronin will both write and direct the new film. Stay tuned!

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