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Exclusive Clip: "A Little White Lie"


While Michael Shannon has become an acclaimed actor who drifts between acclaimed works, both shows like George & Tammy and movies like The Shape of Water or Knives Out, it's a sign of his exploration as an actor that he is willing to star in smaller films such as A Little White Lie. A film whose synopsis indicates Shannon will challenge himself with the comedy genre:

A famous writer named Shriver (Zach Braff) is invited to attend a college's literary festival, but the invitation is mistakenly sent to a "down-on-his-luck" handyman with the same name (Shannon) who has never even read a book. Despite this, he accepts the invitation and travels to the college, where he is welcomed by fans and other writers, and even begins a romance with an English professor. Eventually, the real Shriver arrives and exposes the handyman as an imposter.

This seems to be the set-up for a bigger tale and the exclusive clip released today for the film looks to show that explosive moment that will propel the rest of the story. Check it out below:

A Little White Lie co-stars Kate Hudson and Don Johnson. It is written and directed by Michael Maren, scheduled to be released in theaters in the United States by Saban Films and digital platforms on March 3rd.

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