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Exclusive Clip: "Night Raiders"


Executive produced by Taiki Waititi, Night Raiders is described by the film's writer/directer, Saskatchewan-born Cree/Métis filmmaker Danis Goulet an "Indigenous sci-fi film", serving as the first Canadian/New Zealand Indigenous co-production. Waititi who came onto the project in 2018 after having the story pitched to him by Goulet. Goulet had this to say on working on the new genre:

The wave of Indigenous sci-fi/horror is here. People in our community have wanted access for so many years for the right to tell our stories. There were laws in Canada that outlawed our cultural expression so we’re entering a renaissance and the wave of genre is a part of that. It’s a really exciting time.

Ahead of it's release in theaters, digital, and On Demand on November 12th (while currently being available for pre-order on Apple TV+), an exclusive clip has been released for the film, giving a little insight into the disturbing futuristic setting (2043), a post-war North America where a military occupation controls the cities through an army of deadly drones and there is fighting over resources. Oh, and at the age of 5 children become the property of the state.

The clip gives audiences a first glance at one of the lead characters, 11-year-old Waseese (Played by Brooklyn Letexier-Hart) whose been kept in hiding for years by her mother Niska (Played by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers) before being caught. This will set-up the main premise of the film in which Niska then crosses paths with the titular Night Raiders, an underground group of Cree vigilantes, and works with them to save the kidnapped children. Check out the clop below:

Night Raiders co-stars Alex Tarrant, Amanda Plummer and Violet Nelson.

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Nov 05, 2021

Wow. More garbage that I won't watch. Can't wait.

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