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"Eyes of the Dragon" Adaptation Scrapped


Stephen King adaptations are all the rage these days. And most have been made without issue, often doing quite well. Sadly, one adaptation has been cancelled over at Hulu. It was confirmed today by producer Seth Grahame-Smith (Who already produced the two-part adaptation of King's novel IT ) that the planned series adaptation of King’s 1984 fantasy novel Eyes of the Dragon is officially no longer in development due to budget concerns and behind-the-scenes changes among the executives. Grahame-Smith was also set to pen the script and act as the showrunner on the project.

Due to the interconnected nature of King's novels, the story actually takes place in the realm of Delain, which is part of King's Dark Tower series. It also features a younger version of Randall Flagg, later seen as the villain in King's The Stand. Here though, Flagg is the manipulative magician of a king and is involved in his death (And the death of the queen). He then frames one of the princes while controlling the other who has to take over the kingdom at age 12. The jailed prince attempts to escape and prove Flagg's involvement in the murder of his parents.

While little else was revealed about the potential adaptation, it was confirmed the hope to lure Oscar winner Sam Rockwell to portray the role of Flagg. In addition, David Katzenberg, Bill Haber, Roy Lee, and Jon Berg were also previously attached as executive producers. Stay tuned!

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