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Final Trailer: "John Wick: Chapter 4"


On the heels of the character posters for the film's massive ensemble cast, John Wick: Chapter 4 has released one more trailer ahead of the film's release next month on March 24th. While little else is revealed about the film in this new trailer, it does continue to emphasize the stakes. As the titular character (once again played with calculated stoicism by Keanu Reeves) fights to finally get out of the mess he's in, his choices may blow wide open the world of assassins the first three films introduced.

As he dives through every level of this underworld, discovering new secrets about his own origins along the way, he will confront old and new characters. Some allies, some foes, and some switching sides from previous films. In short, once again, John Wick finds himself with a destination but a lot of bodies to go through. Check out the trailer below:

John Wick: Chapter 4 is once again directed by Chad Stahelski.

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