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Finn Wittrock Cast in "Green Lantern" HBO Max Series


Finn Wittrock has had various supporting parts in some high-profile projects, notably The Big Short (2014), La La Land (2016), and If Beale Street Could Talk (2018). Now he will be part of the massive ensemble planned for the upcoming Green Lantern series that HBO Max has in the works. The series is set to span multiple decades and focus on multiple Lanterns and more plot details were given today, saying it will begin on Earth in 1941 with the very first Green Lantern, (FBI agent Alan Scott) and in 1984 with Guy Gardner, along with a half-alien Bree Jarta. They’ll be joined by a multitude of other Lanterns — from comic book favorites to never-before-seen heroes.

In addition, Wittrock has been announced to have been cast in the role of Guy Gardner. In the comics, Guy is a top member of the Green Lantern Corps, and the second one to be chosen from Earth. He's also described as a hot-head, rebel, and a bit of a wild card in terms of attitude, and unwilling to listen to the strict restrictions that bind most of his fellow Lanterns. Hopefully, the new series will be better-received than the 2011 film.

Reynolds: "Kid, bit of advice. If the costumes are!"

The series is being written and executive produced by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim (who both helped create the Arrowverse over on the CW) as well as Seth Grahame-Smith. Geoff Johns, Sarah Schechter, David Madden, David Katzenberg, Elizabeth Hunter, and Sara Saedi will all co-executive produce. Stay tuned!

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