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First Look: Amazon's "The Boys" S3, Premiere Date Revealed


Following several faux marketing videos last year, the first official look at season 3 of the hit Amazon show The Boys has been released and it looks like the fellas are in for a mean struggle with the psychotic Homelander!

Last season ended with Homelander blackmailed by his fellow Seven member Maeve who used footage of the botched plane rescue (that took place in season one)to force Homelander into letting the titular heroes go. With the charges cleared against them, the Boys witness the mysterious head-exploding death of a witness in the middle of court as they were prepared to testify about the conspiracy surrounding Compound V (the drug that was revealed to give people powers in experiments). And while Boys' superpowered comrade Annie is reinstated into the Seven, she now finders herself having to stand publicly with the man who secretly wants to literally rip her heart out of her chest (or some other psychotic method of death). This is clear as day in the first look which also reveals the official premiere date for the new season as June 3rd, later this year. Check it out below:

Stay tuned!

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Season 2 was terrible. I'd say I hope they bounce back with Season 3 but I'm sure it's going to be even worse with more woke crap.

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