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First Look Clip: "Red Rocket"


Director Sean Baker's last film The Florida Project tried to open audiences' eyes to the hardships of lower class. However, like his previous two narrative films before that, Baker has broached the subject of sex workers and has worked to deal with the stigmatization surrounding the profession. Red Rocket looks to bring that theme back to the forefront much like his 2015 film Tangerine. Premiering yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival to solid reviews, the first look clip of the film has been released today online that depicts the performance of lead star Simon Rex as his character Mikey Saber.

Saber, a washed-up porn star, returns to his small Texas hometown...even though no one there really wants him back. And, as the clip shows, Rex gives his all in the performance, giving raw exposure to the humiliation he feels returning home with his tail between his legs. Check it out below:

The film already was picked up for US distribution by A24 back in February so a release date is expected soon. Stay tuned!

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