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First Look: "Monsters At Work"


The upcoming Monsters Inc.-adjacent Disney+ series Monsters at Work is almost here, set to land on the streaming service on July 2nd. Delayed almost a year due to the coronavirus pandemic setting back production, the new show has released a new image that takes a look at the new cast of characters. Check it out below:

The show is reportedly set to take place six months after the events of the original movie, with Monstropolis now powered by laughter instead of screams. The central character will be Tylor Tuskmon (Voiced by Ben Feldman), a fresh-faced new employee at Monsters, Inc. who dreams of working with his idols Sulley and Mike. John Goodman and Billy Crystal are set to reprise their roles on a recurring basis along with Bonnie Hunt returning as Ms. Flint who is now head of recruitment and in charge of training the funniest monsters. In addition, Jennifer Tilly will return as Mike’s snake-haired girlfriend Celia Mae and Bob Peterson will return in his iconic role of Roz. However, the first-look image (via Collider) also came with a list of the new characters featured in the image.

Feldman's lead character Tylor is the tall purple monster in the image) along with his one-eyed boss Fritz (Voiced by Henry Winkler) and Tylor's enthusiastic and envergetic friend Val Little (Voiced by Mindy Kaling). The photo also includes the diligent laugh-floor worker Cutter (Voiced by Alanna Ubach) and the winged, four-eyed Duncan (Voiced by Lucas Neff). Knowing Disney, they will become just as beloved as the original characters. Stay tuned!

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