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First Look: Netflix's "Mank"


Back in the director's chair for his first full-length film since 2014's Gone Girl, there is high anticipation for David Fincher's Netflix film Mank. Going off a script written by Jack Fincher, the film will follow the titular screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (Played by Gary Oldman) as he rushes to get his Citizen Kane screenplay to Orson Welles. It will also cover their now legendary feud over who got screenwriting credit for the iconic film.. And now, Netflix has released the first look images for the film which sees Oldman in character along with Amanda Seyfried as starlet Marion Davies and Lily Collins as Rita Alexander. Check them out below:

The release of the images today, September 5th, is due to today being the 79th anniversary of the wide theatrical release of Citizen Kane. While a release date for Mank has not yet been officially confirmed by Netflix, the film's producer Eric Roth has stated the film will be released in October 2020 so a trailer should be just on the horizon.

Mank co-stars Tom Burke, Tuppence Middleton, Tom Pelphrey, and Charles Dance.

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