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First Look: Netflix's “Masters of the Universe: Revelation" Series


While it's a wonder if a sequel series to the original 1980's He-Man cartoons will mesh with modern audience sensibilities, it's hard to deny some of the creative factors involved in Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Not only is animation being handled by Powerhouse Animation Studios (the same company who made the beautifully-drawn animation for the recent Castlevania series), but the show's director and showrunner is Kevin Smith, perhaps one of the biggest pop culture aficionados in the industry. And as the first look images revealed today, he's not daring to stray from the original's legendary designs:

However, one thing Smith is guaranteeing is that the series will include characters that only appeared in Mattel toys and comics. And, being a direct sequel to the original cartoons, Smith says the show will be “revisiting and digging deeper into some of the unresolved storylines”.

"Part 1" of the series will premiere on Netflix on July 23rd, consisting of five episodes. Stay tuned!

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