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First Look: Netflix's "The Midnight Sky"


Director George Clooney's upcoming sci-fi film The Midnight Sky is not the usual award season banter. Part-The Road, Part-Apollo 13, Part-Gravity, the film has been touted as potentially being just that. It also carries a whiff of The Revenant, which is helped by the fact that Oscar-winning film's screenwriter, Mark L. Smith, is the scribe for this film. Not to mention Clooney is joined on-screen by the likes of Felicity Jones, Kyle Chandler, David Oyelowo and Demián Bichir, several of whom are familiar to award-friendly material on more than one occasion.

The premise seems simple enough. A scientist named Augustine (Played by Clooney), alone in the Arctic and one of the last survivors of a catastrophic extinction event, races to contact and stop astronauts from returning to Earth. However, deeply rooted in that concept lies a potential swarm of obstacles and potential exploration of emotion. And while we won't catch the film on Netflix until December (Although an exact date has not been given yet), Vanity Fair has released a series of first look photos. Check them out below:

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